About Us


Master Wedding & Event Planner/Decor & Design Specialist/Wedding Florist

Distinguished in the press and adored by her clients, award-winning Master Planner and designer, Victoria is the person to go to for stylish events throughout California. She serves on the Board of and speaks regularly at notable Universities, is the developer of Wedding State University, and is recognized as a leader in her Industry.

“Successful Event Planning is a time tested and well developed skill. There is much more that goes into it than making a pretty event. You need to get into the mind of the attendees, create the perfect atmosphere and a smooth running event timeline to allow the guests experience to be unbelievably unforgettable. I have invested the past 27 years studying and perfecting my craft. I am never satisfied with the status quo.”

Victoria has a gift for transforming ideas into precious moments and with every detail makes your event distinctively unforgettable. Clients trust Victoria and her exceptional team to flawlessly design and develop, organize and execute their vision, allowing them the ability to enjoy their event and their guests.

“We have won many prestigious awards that I am truly grateful for, but nothing can top the personal relationship we have built with our clients. The true reward is when we receive follow up calls from them sharing the important new milestones in their lives.”

What Makes The Genesis Team?

Even though we have produced thousands of successfully executed award winning events we approach every event as a 1st time one of a kind event. Each and every staff member connects emotionally with our clients and their vision of the event they want to create. Our goal to instill a peaceful and calming affect when our clients experience stress from common issues that arise going through their planning. Being a great listener is one of the most important skills our team displays. Our team is passionate about tending to our client’s needs and having the ability to summarize their issue back to them so, they are confident we understand them. We listen intently and truly show that we care about to making them achieve their goals.

We are a Biblically based company that holds our team members and partners to the highest ethical standards. We promise honesty and transparency with your clients. We have a strict code of ethics with little room for error and are blessed to share of our team with the community as we only train and hire those who are committed to being the very best in the Industry.



Operations Manager

Kaelin has a passion for perfecting the smallest details. Her attention to detail carries through the customization of wedding stationary to the floral designs. Her gentle spirit provides our clients with a sense of ease while working with her. She has helped each and every bride feel a sense of peace and confidence in placing their wedding in her hands. Her talents in design has created hundreds of one-of-a-kind memorable events.

Personal Statement: “The most enjoyable part about working in the event industry is that you get to work with so many different types of people. Each client comes with a unique story. Their personalities, family dynamics and cultural traditions vary, making each event one of a kind.”


Sr. Event Director

Molly came to us with a formal education in Event Planning and has experience as a Venue coordinator. She is our “happy go lucky” team mate who is always ready for whatever challenge comes her way. Molly brings that can do attitude with a non-judgmental spirit when a client comes to her with a new idea! Her smile and positive attitude is infectious and just what we need when we are working a 16 hour day!

Personal Statement: “I love being that person they can lean on and trust. We share so many details about how they want the day to be and it feels very gratifying to know they are counting on me to make it happen!”


Event Assistant
Yvonne brings a high sense of style to our team. She holds a degree in interior design and uses this as a driving force behind her desire to create an emphasis on the design while keeping the client in budget. She is intuitive and has the ability to understand the vision of a client when it is difficult for them to put it in words. She has natural leadership skills and is excellent at delegation. For our Spanish Speaking clients Yvonne is also bi-lingual.

Personal Statement: “My favorite part of Event Planning is watching the client enjoying their event as if they were a guest. Then hearing them say how thankful they are to have us there. That is when I know we have made all the difference.”


Certified Event Consultant
Crystal has a gift for seeing the “big picture” and has an extensive background in Event Layout, Rentals and Design. She loves to share her passion of maximizing a client’s budget and the use of event space. Crystal has a never ending drive with an exhaustive energy to “get the job done and to get it done right!” Her natural leadership abilities give our clients and Service Providers confidence to rely on her as the go to person for all their needs.

Personal Statement: “Too often I hear clients and their families who have planned an event without professional help say " I just can't wait until this day is over." My goal is for them to say, " I can't believe this day is finally here!"