Author: Kimberley Cathline de Rodríguez

Your wedding day is your time to shine; all eyes will be on you when you take that magical walk down the aisle. This is your opportunity to reflect your personality in your wedding ensemble, through your choice of dress, your hair, and by the use of accessories. Additionally, accessories can tie together with your wedding theme and generate a creative flow with the décor, which is also an extension of your personality.

Stay tuned for several upcoming blog posts which will be part of a series focusing on different types of wedding accessories, along with the latest trends and styles, and how these can be incorporated into your special day. We will spark your creativity with ideas for shoes, hair pieces, veils, and more. We will also show you accessories and inspiration from many of our Genesis weddings, such as those in the photos below which were worn by some of our “Wise Brides”. The options are limitless; use your imagination and let it run free. Contact the experts at Genesis to bring your dream to life. It’s time to get creative with accessories!

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Photos: DC Photography