Beat the Heat – Summer Wedding Tips

If you are planning a wedding in the heat of summer, here are some great tips for you to beat the heat!

Sweet Treats and Refreshing Drinks

Give your guests a sweet treat to keep them refreshed throughout the summer night. You can turn a regular dessert bar into a Popsicle, ice cream or fruit buffet for your cocktail hour or reception. Another great way to keep your guests cool is an ice cold beverage. Nothing beats the heat more than tall glass of lemonade. Your guests can quench their thirst and enjoy your special day.


Accessorize your guests

Consider summer accessories for your guests. You can use them as favors or just a little extra gift if it’s in your budget. These summer accessories may include a pair of sunglasses to protect your guests’ eyes, flip flops to keep those feet dancing all night long, a hat to shade them from the sunny days of summer or a bottle of sunscreen to block those rays.


Cool it down

With the rising temperatures of summer, things can heat up quick. To help make your guests as comfortable as possible, set out some fans or parasols for your guests. They can fan themselves off or shade themselves from the sun if your ceremony is outdoors.


Destination weddings

If you really want to beat the heat, consider having a destination wedding on the beach. Your guests will watch you say “I Do” in the cool breeze of the ocean.


Stay cool and happy planning!