Bridesmaid Blues

Are your Bridesmaids giving you grief?


From time to time we can all get caught up in our own life and forget that not everyone considers our priorities their priorities. Try to be considerate to what is going on in your bridesmaids lives. Are they having trouble in their relationship, at work, or in financing? The best way to solve problems you may be having is to discuss it with the person you are having the issues with. Always ensure you discuss the issues with a sincere concern for what may be going on in their life. You also need to prepare yourself for some difficult answers. Is it possible they may think you are the problem? Is it at all possible you are acting different than they are used to? Now that the world is supposedly revolving around you, could you be acting more demanding than they know how to deal with? Take a second to consider these things. Breathe and enjoy this special time.

Happy Planning!