Children at your Wedding


Having children at a wedding is always a hot topic. Some people do not think you should have children at a wedding at all, while others believe children are part of the family affair.

We are often asked the question, “If I am going to have children at the wedding, what can we do to keep them entertained?” The answer to this question will depend on the space available at your location and your budget.

Some of our weddings have hired a professional sitter. Others have scheduled activities and games every ½ and include their own separate meal and dining area while others have created an activities.



The above photo is of a special kid’s activity created by Genesis Master of Events for a wedding that had a group of little ones. It was an “I Spy” game that kept those little munchkins busy all night long.

This is not always an easy situation but there are definitely ways to overcome it to put yourself at ease and just enjoy your day!

Happy Planning!