Creating a Custom Design on a Vase

Author: Victoria Lewis


This is a great DIY project we used for one of our brides several years ago to add some customized touches throughout her wedding. This is a great way to create a custom design and add it to any clear container. We have used this technique to also embellish candle holders with a custom monogram. We selected a couple of patterns we wanted to duplicate on her guest tables, head tables and specialty tables. We chose a beautiful patterned paper we were able to find at a local craft store paired with her custom created monogram that also was placed in a several areas of her wedding.

Items you will need:

DecoArt Craft Twinkles Writer glitter glue

Pattern of your choice

Clear vase or container


Step 1:

Place your chosen pattern inside the vase.

You may need to tape it inside the vase to ensure your design will stay in place.


Step 2:

Trace your pattern on the outside of the vase with glitter glue.

Make sure you do not put the glitter glue on too thick as it may run while it is drying.



Tips to remember:

The glitter glue will dry flat.

Although the glitter glue product dries very hard and is difficult to scrape off, if you soak it in water for a few seconds it will wipe clean.

Happy Planning!


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