DIY Customized Unity Candle

Author: Victoria Lewis

We created this unique one-of-a-kind Unity Candle for a Bride whose wedding had clean lines with a little added bling.

Supplies needed:

1-Tall Pillar Candle

2-Taper Candles


String of Rhinestones or pearls

Tacky Brand Glue


Step One:

Measure the length of ribbon to go around the candle. You will want to overlap the ribbon slightly.

Step Two:

Glue the ribbon on to the candle using Tacky Glue. You may want to use straight pins to hold it in place by sticking them through the ribbon into the candle.

Step Three:

Measure the length of the rhinestones or pearls. Cut them to length. You do not want these to overlap.

Step Four:

Hold in place using the same technique with the straight pins.


Step Five:

Repeat these steps for your taper candles.


Happy Planning!