Fabric Boxes


Turn a old box into a piece of art. These fabric covered boxes are a quick and easy way to dress up your centerpiece.

Supplies needed


- A sturdy box, preferably made out of wood

- Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant Coating

- Fabric of your choice

- Staple gun

- Scissors

Step 1: Spray your box with liquid rubber sealant to avoid water stains on your fabric.

Step 2: Measure your fabric to fit your box.


Step 3: Pull each side of the fabric tight so that it is flat up against the box.

Then staple your fabric.

Step 4: Continue with all four sides. Be sure to pull tight on the corners.


Once you have stapled your fabric down, you will have a beautiful box that ties in with your decor. You can make several boxes in different sizes to create height and dimension to your display.

Happy planning!