Guidelines for Successful Dress Shopping


1. Start shopping early – It may take up to 6 months to receive your dress after it’s been ordered. It is always good to have plenty of time to prevent any impulsive buys. Don’t rush your decision!

2. Keep an open mind – You may fall in love with a dress featured in a high fashion bridal magazine but looks can be deceiving. Try on different styles. You may be surprised.

3. Look the part – It always helps booking a hair and makeup trial appointment on the same day you go dress shopping. This way, you look great, feel great and get a better idea of how gorgeous you will look on your big day.

4. Feel comfortable – Your wedding day will be a long day standing, sitting, dancing and posing for the camera. Feeling comfortable in your dress is just as important as feeling beautiful!

5. Take pictures – If the dress boutique allows picture taking, have one of your girlfriends snap a few of each dress you try on. Sometimes we have different perceptions of ourselves in the mirror or we forget what the dress looks like 6 months from the first time you put it on. So, photos are a great way to determine what looks best.

6. Stay within budget – If you have a budget for your dress, stick to it! Of course you will want everything about your dress to be perfect but keep in mind, you will only be able to wear it once. If it is the dress of your dreams and just can’t live without it, re-work your budget and be sure to talk it over with your fiancé.

Happy Planning!