Hire A Wedding Planner and Insure Your Wedding Day

The average bride meets with over 35 vendors to try to create her perfect wedding day, according to the WMBA. Interviewing each vendor takes time that many brides can not afford. While it is possible to meet with a vendor and be enamored. It is not as easy to know if that person is trust worthy.

Is the vendor “upside down” in their house mortgage? Are they getting divorced and moving out of the state in 6 months? What proof does a bride really have that a vendor/vendors will do what they say they are going to do? The simple answer is that a bride will never know 100% if vendors will do exactly what they promise. The only hedge a bride can make is to get an advocate that has been in the industry for many years, knows the wedding industry battlefield, and has just as much to lose as the bride if the wedding day does not go as planned.

A full service wedding or event planner that has a track record of success and you feel comfortable with is the most valuable vendor you can choose. A bride should not feel pressured or offended by her wedding planner. Your wedding planner should make you feel relaxed, heard, and understood. Don’t settle for anything less! You will be spending a lot of time with this person and you don’t want to feel anxious each time you meet.

While the interview process to find a creditable and compatible wedding planner does take time, it takes far less time than trying to interview 40 different vendors.

Very simply, get a good wedding planner. This can be the best insurance you can purchase for your perfect wedding day.

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Article author: KCL