How to Avoid Turning into a Bridezilla


Most brides do not realize how much pressure they will be under during the planning process. Let’s face it, all eyes are on you. Not just to see how beautiful you look, but also, how you did in putting this party together. How does it look, how well you stayed in budget and the services and food you chose are all being evaluated. Are you making everyone happy? These are just a few questions that will come up on a daily basis.

The largest cause of becoming a “Bridezilla” comes from financial stress. Most couples go over budget by 25-30%. Most brides do not understand all the hidden and unanticipated costs involved with a wedding that creep in. Once the bride sees she will go over budget, she will need to make some very tough decisions that could significantly affect her overall vision. With this in mind, finances could stress her out and turn her into a “Brideziila”. A good way to try to prevent this from happening, initially is to focus on planning your budget on 25% less than your actual budget.

Just remember to breathe and relax! Happy Planning!