Reflections from our 2013 Interns

We had another year of great interns that worked hard and learned the many wonders of event planning! Here are a couple reflections from Fresno State interns Ashley Green and Molly Mullaney.

I learned a lot from my service experience with all of you and at Genesis Master of Events. I learned the importance of organization, time management, creativity and respecting each other in the workplace. I loved getting to make a lot of crafts for your events you had including the flower pom poms, the glitter seashells and the glitter candleholders. -Ashley Green

I was so grateful that you gave me the opportunity to go to a few of the events and help set up and learn what event planners do at events. I really had no idea how much time and effort that everyone on the team puts in. I know that you usually don’t let new interns go to events right off the bat, so I really appreciate that you trusted me enough to represent your company at a couple of events. -Molly Mullaney