Save the Dates


”When should I send out Save the Dates?”

This is a great question! Save the dates are not always necessary.

The intention behind a Save the Dates is to notify your guests that you will be having an event that you would like them to be prepared to attend.

If you are having a small wedding or you have a great social connection with all your guests, many of them may already know when you are planning on having your wedding and it will be easy for them to set the day aside for you. So, in this case, you may not need to send out Save the Dates and you can use this money somewhere else in your budget.

If you have a large guest list that may include people you do not speak with on a weekly basis , you will definitely want to send out Save the Dates. Many popular websites indicate you should send them out six months before the wedding, but this may not be enough time for those guests who need to plan further ahead. They should be sent out as soon as possible. The latest you should send out your Save the Dates is nine months before the big day. If you have guests traveling from out of state, or if you are planning a summer event, you will definitely want to send them out closer to the one year prior mark. Remember, your guests may need to save up for travel expenses, request the time off from work, or they may choose to schedule their family vacation around your event.

Some Brides may be concerned about not wanting to send the Save the Dates until they have all of the fine details worked out, but you don’t need to wait to send them. The only solid information you need to include on your Save the Dates is your names and the event date, along with your wedding website address. This way, as details unfold they can continue to check back to the site for updates.

Of course, there is a wide range of prices for your Save the Dates. There are some beautifully hand-crafted personalized Save the Dates available. You can also find some beautiful Save the Dates from as low as 28 cents each + postage. We have also been encouraging many of our clients to take advantage of a great way to save money, by offering a free online stationary service through

Hopefully these tips have helped you with your Save the Dates questions. We wish you happy planning!