Stay Warm for your Winter Wedding

There’s nothing more magical than a pure white wedding and the warmth of candlelight on the day you say, “I do.” But wait a minute – “Baby, it’s cold outside!” Winter weddings can be a deal breaker for some brides but here are some ways you and your guests can overcome this chilly situation.



If it is your dream to have an outdoor wedding in the winter time, consider renting a tent. It could protect your guests from the cold of winter, wind and rain. It also gives you a clean slate for your décor rather than bare trees and gloomy skies.



Many companies now have portable electric heaters provided for tent rentals. They are very quiet and include fans to distribute the heat further than the common propane heaters. Sometimes just the illusion of heat can help. Placing an electric fireplace at a focal point in the tent can add a feeling of warms as you watch the glow of the fire.

Flooring Inside a Tent

When it gets cold, the dew that is on the grass can transfer to your guest’s shoes, bottom of the pant leg or dress. We all know wet clothes mixed with the cold air can be very uncomfortable for guests. This can be avoided with a floor under your guests.


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Surprisingly candles can emit a lot of heat. If you load up your tables with a lot of candles it not only is a beautiful table-scape, but will also help to warm the room or tent.

Fire pits and fireplaces not only give a comfort-cozy feel, but it’s a nice way to gather your guests around to mingle. You can even break out the s’mores!

Blankets and Gloves


Although blankets can be expensive for your guests, if you have a vintage theme wedding, you could start early and hit the 2nd hand stores to collect lap blankets for your guests. Simply wash, fold, and lay them in a few nice wicker blankets around the room. You could even tie them with the same ribbon and a simple “warm wishes” tag to incorporate continuity with other décor in your wedding.

Warm Beverage Bar


Let your guests help themselves to a hot beverage bar of your choice whether it may be hot chocolate, hot coffee, hot tea or all of the above. These are great remedies to warm the body.

Winter Bride Fashion



No one will ever know what style of kicks you’re rocking under that princess ball gown dress. Ugg Australia has an “I Do” collection perfect for the Winter Bride. They will keep your feet warm all night long. Fur coats are also a great way to bundle up and still maintain the look of an elegant bride. Accessorize it with a stylish fur muff to keep your hands nice and toasty. We definitely don’t want that ring finger turning into an icicle!

Stay warm and happy planning!