Step One in Planning the Perfect Stress Free Wedding!

Author: Victoria Lewis

Whenever I look at wedding planning information on the internet, I get very frustrated for Brides. I often wonder if many planning websites are just repeating the same information they found on another site. Most information I see will direct the Bride down a winding path that will most certainly lead to frustration and heartache.


On most sites the first step on their planning checklist is to choose your date. In reality, there is so much more work that should be done before that. The only case where you should choose your date first is if you have a special reason for getting married on that date. For instance, was the date an anniversary of something special?


The first wedding planning step you really need to take is to determine your budget. How much money do you have available to spend on your wedding day? Make sure you make a distinction between where you are receiving the money from. Is it coming from different family members, savings, credit cards (we always hope credit cards are not part of your budget plan). When you have money coming from different family members, we always recommend you do not include it in your budget until you actually have it in your hands. This will avoid trouble if circumstances change in the future.


Once you accumulate your entire amount of funding for your wedding, you can start planning for your necessities. As additional funding comes in, you can use that for “all the extras”. This may be a difficult process and may require discipline. If you are fortunate enough to not have to be concerned with a budget you can skip this step entirely and go directly to step two!

Watch for step two next week, “Creating Your Guest List”.

Happy Planning!


Genesis Bride & Groom