Step Two in Planning the Perfect Stress Free Wedding!

Author: Victoria Lewis

In the beginning of your wedding planning, before you start any serious shopping for vendors and venues; you need to develop your guest list.


To begin your list, write down every person you can think of that you would like to be able to invite. Make sure you include your family, fiancé, and your fiancé’s family. In the end, there may be some guests on this first draft that are not included in the final guest list. Your guest list strategy should follow the following method.

You will start by compiling all of your guests together. Then you will divide the list into 3-4 sections. You will have an “A” list. This is the list of must-haves. There will be no question that these people will be invited to your wedding. It may include immediate family and their spouses with children. It may also include your closest friends or even your boss. List “B” should include the people you would really like to come but could be cut if there are budget issues. Lists “C & D” should include people who will be invited only if you find amazing deals and can afford to have a “free-for-all” event.

Remember to have everyone who is contributing to your wedding guest list to follow this same procedure.

Once you have completed this portion, you are ready for step 3, coming next week!

Happy Planning!


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