Summer Wedding Makeup Tips

Say I Do in the heat of summer without having a major meltdown – on your face that is!


With the rising temperatures, you want to make sure that your makeup will last throughout the summer day and all night long. Here are some helpful tips to keep that flawless face in one piece.

1. Prime it – Apply primer before your foundation to smooth out your skin so you have a smooth surface to work with. It will help your makeup last longer because it keeps it from soaking it up so quickly.

2. Hold the Moisturizer – it’s important to keep your skin hydrated during the hot summer weather. If you have oily skin, try an oil-free moisturizer. Or, you can skip it altogether if your skin is extra oily. Keep a pack of oil blotting sheets in your day-of care kit. They will do wonders!

3. Eyes – Apply concealer on your lids to help your shadow last all day. If your lids tend to be on the oily side, dust them with finishing powder. Make note to avoid creamy eye shadows and use waterproof mascara just in case of tears.

4. Lips – start off with a touch of concealer on those luscious lips before you apply your lipstick or lipstain. Add a bit of gloss and you can keep those lips looking gorgeous all night long.

5. Blush – Like your eye shadow, make sure to steer clear from creamy blush formulas which can create streaks and shine. Choose a powdery blush or cheek stain to give you a fresh look and absorb oil.

Happy Planning!