The Intern Diaries – An Indian Wedding

Author: Adriana Alexander

So this week we worked at an Indian wedding. Let me tell you it was extremely interesting and exhausting! Learning about their traditions was so amazing! They definitely know how to celebrate a marriage. They do not only have one whole day to celebrate, they have three! The length of the celebration was one of my favorite parts of this wedding. After all that planning and hard work, it was not all over after just a few hours. It also gave the guests a chance to spend a whole weekend together. When you have guests from all over the world, the three days of festivities is also a plus. All of the traditional outfits were gorgeous! There were so many beautiful colors, fabrics and prints.


Adriana has been an invaluable part of our event planning team for the past year. She has a strong passion for event planning that was first discovered as a Marketing Professional for one of the largest lighting companies in the world, providing lighting for locations such as; Mount Rushmore National Memorial, the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, the Oklahoma City National Memorial in Oklahoma City and the opulent Royal Mirage Palace Resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“I love helping people make their dreams a reality on any special occasion. I am always up for a challenge and I deal with them on a daily basis with a one year old daughter at home, whom I love immensely.”