The Intern Diaries – My First Event

Author: Kimberley Cathline de Rodríguez

Dear Diary,
I just got home from my first event with Genesis. My feet are killing me!!! So much for wearing super high heels! I am going to have to try a different pair of shoes next time. After 11 hours on my feet, cute and uncomfortable high heels are not the way to go. Learned my lesson the hard way on that one! Anywho, the event was a wedding up near Yosemite. The venue was very nice. We arrived at noon for setup, although Genesis did not supply any of the décor. The Bride chose a renaissance theme and incorporated a lot of DIY aspects.


I was able to shadow Victoria during a few portions of the event as she executed the timeline. It was interesting to learn from her and watch how she handled each situation. I made the mistake of watching the Father-Daughter Dance and started to tear up! It was such a special moment and I had to leave the room to compose myself. I was taken by surprise! Victoria explained that just for that reason she doesn’t watch any of those emotional moments in a wedding. I understand that now! What a mess I would have been if I was coordinating the wedding day and started crying! I am a sensitive gal, what can I say?!? Now I know what really will get to me at a wedding and I will be prepared next time!


What I loved about the experience was seeing how happy the Bride was and how everyone around her was so joyful. It was special to be allowed a glimpse into such a private moment in their lives and to have a part in helping the event all come together in a beautiful flow.


Overall, it was a good experience; however my feet may require some convincing before they will agree!




Kimberley joined the Genesis Internship Program in early 2012. She has been assisting at events, creating event décor props, and learning floral design as part of the Program.

Kimberley adores flowers and anything that involves floral design. Kimberley is also our resident social media guru and if you have been to our social media pages you have see her influence. Kimberley enjoys writing and has been serving as an assistant editor for many of our paper documents and online content; she has also been a guest blogger on our Wise Brides blog since joining the Internship Program. Her creative eye, attention to detail, design skills and organizational abilities are a great asset to any event she assists with.