The Intern Diaries – My First Month

Author: Kimberley Cathline de Rodríguez

Dear Diary,
I decided to apply for the Internship Program with Genesis Master of Events and my application was accepted! My first month is going well.


I have set up my binder to keep all of my information from class and to carry at events. I feel like a real Intern now with my fancy personalized binder!


Our Intern binders also are a great place to keep instructions such as table settings and napkin folds so that they can be easily referenced.


My first Intern project was to string some red “gems” from fishing line to be used at an upcoming Twilight-themed wedding. It took a bit of time but they turned out pretty good. I know they will look great at the event.

My second Intern project was to create new spines and labels for all of Victoria’s wedding binders. She chose a pretty silver card-stock and they ended up looking fabulous and match the new office décor perfectly.

It has been a busy first month but I am learning a lot and certainly keeping busy as a Genesis Master of Events Intern!




Kimberley joined the Genesis Internship Program in early 2012. She has been assisting at events, creating event décor props, and learning floral design as part of the Program.

Kimberley adores flowers and anything that involves floral design. Kimberley is also our resident social media guru and if you have been to our social media pages you have see her influence. Kimberley enjoys writing and has been serving as an assistant editor for many of our paper documents and online content; she has also been a guest blogger on our Wise Brides blog since joining the Internship Program. Her creative eye, attention to detail, design skills and organizational abilities are a great asset to any event she assists with.