Why Hire A Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator?

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So he finally proposed, you said yes! Now what? You have so many plans in your head, many of which you think you can execute yourself. The question that many brides ask themselves is, “Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?”

But, before I answer that question, allow me to introduce myself! I am Tim Duncan, Creative Director of The Posh Event. I have been in the wedding and event planning industry for 16 years, and anybody who knows me can tell you I am truly obsessed with all things creatively chic and glamorous. I am a mom, wife, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed fashionista. I am uber excited to join my fellow bloggers in sharing creatively chic inspiration, my experiences, design information and ideas with you!

So back to the question – Do you really need a wedding planner?
Many people feel they don’t need a wedding planner, but let me be the first to tell you that you do! I am not saying this because I am a wedding planner. Funny but true, I too thought I didn’t need a wedding planner for my own wedding because, hello — I AM a wedding planner! But it’s so different when you are on the other side of the spectrum.

You want your wedding to be the best day of your life. You grow up imagining what your wedding will be like and often think of ways to outshine the weddings you have already been to (at least that’s what I did). The pressure was on me because everyone expected that my wedding would be the wedding of the century. But the problem is, you are not only the planner, but you are also the bride, so there are a lot of demands on your time, needs, wants, and let’s face it — your energy! The anxiety and stress of what’s to come is too much for one person to handle! I changed my wedding venue probably about 5 times, the colors about 7 and the theme about 8.

Here are some typical thoughts you might have when considering whether you need a planner:

1. I can’t afford it.
2. What will you do that I can’t do on my own?
3. My sister, friend, mom said they will help me with everything.
4. The venue will coordinate the wedding for me.

Here are my top 6 reasons why you need a planner:

1. Planners can customize packages to meet the needs of your wedding, and they know how to think creatively to save money and get you what you want!

2. You can’t do everything by yourself – brides, moms, friends – they are working and have their own lives. You can’t keep on track with your job and the jobs of others for such a big event.

3. You need a professional who can help you make decisions and be impartial. Your wedding planner doesn’t know Aunt Betty or your BFF Jennifer and will help you make decisions that are pleasing to you – not others. The planner is a good mediator between the bride, groom and relatives.

4. Contacts — A successful wedding planner should have relationships with top-notch vendors at discounted rates. They will be more apt at getting a better deal on those floral arrangements than you, so utilize their resources!

5. A venue will only be partial to the preferred list of vendors who may have ads in their marketing brochure. Your planner will know a variety of vendors and choose ones that are in the best interest of the client and their budget.

6. Wedding planners are known problem solvers and are built to solve emergencies and have contingency plans.

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