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Wedding State University was developed for those couples who want to plan their wedding themselves, but also choose to seek advice from a professional planer and leader in the industry. Victoria, Master Planner of Genesis Master of Events, has developed the 1st of its kind, all inclusive, do-it-yourself, planning program.


Victoria walks you through her Step by Step program through each video series.  With each video you will have printable homework to personalize and place in your planning binder. This is the core of the program. Each section is laid out in chapter form and covers everything from setting a budget to selecting your vendors.


With the extensive library of E-Books, you will be able study your desired subject in depth to gain a full knowledge of each topic to make the best decisions for your wedding.


Quick Tip Videos provide you with information on specific topics you may be currently working on. All quick tip videos are under 2 minutes and cover everything from etiquette and organizational advice to clever money saving tips.


Our 911 section is for those who may be experiencing common issues that can overwhelm those who are planning their wedding. The goal of this section is to help guide you through difficult situations and bring you back to a peaceful state. You will learn how to adjust and restore your state of mind and give you tools to move forward to prevent the situation from repeating itself.


With a full Tool Box, you will be able to keep track of your guest list, budgets, and all of the forms you will need to stay organized and keep on top of things!


Grab a cup of coffee and your binder then join us in the Bridal Café.  It is a perfect place to share what you have learned and ask for advice or support from professionals as well as others planning their wedding.


Planning Seminars, Podcasts, DIY Décor Tips, Weekly Webcasts and more….


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 Check out our videos for more information on WSU.

Kick Start Program

Start Planning The Right Way!


The 3 hour Kick Start Course is given in a classroom setting with Victoria and helps set you on a solid foundation for your wedding planning venture.  This course will tell you how to successfully begin your planning to:



1. Avoid Common Stressful Situations


2. Master Your Budget


3. Choose Your Vendors


4. Fool-Proof Your Wedding Day


5. Master Secrets of Décor Tips, Tricks, & Techniques


6. This course also offers a year membership to Wedding State University. ($249 Value)


Price for This Program: $399.00

Please call 559-933-7526 to reserve your seat while they last!

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