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Unlimited Consultations

Genesis offers a systematic planning process, however, you are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with your Planner or any
of the Certified Assistants during any point in your planning process.

Budget Creation & Management

With so many options available today, it takes special skills to successfully create and manage a budget for a wedding. We invest time understanding the vision, goals, and priorities to assist you in creating your budget. We assist in creating an initial guideline for the wedding budget. We will advise you along the way when you begin to veer off the budgetary guidelines. Genesis does not control the budget; we are to be seen as an advisory only. We develop your budget based on your priority list and continue to refine your budget throughout the process.

Ceremony& Reception Matching

Based on your vision and overall concept, we recommend locations that will suit your goals and desired outcome. **Travel fees are charged for destination searches and locations further than the Fresno area.

Vendor Matching

We have an extensive vendor recommendation list. These vendors have been through our vendor orientation process and have signed our vendor etiquette form, as well as offer our clients generous discounts. Although we are not limited to working with only the vendors we recommend, we do require that all vendors attend an orientation and sign our vendor etiquette form to continue working with us. ** Please see our Dream Team packet for more information on these services.

Vendor Etiquette Expectation Meeting

Our vendors are required to follow our strict code of ethics, which includes a strict dress code, no drinking alcohol during hours of service, as well as no fraternization policy.

Vendor Confirmation

We will ensure your vendors know where to go, what time to arrive and what is expected to create the perfect event as a team. We will confirm all details with vendors and distribute expected arrival time, itinerary, maps and parking information.

Wedding Day Timeline

We will customize your wedding day timeline to include all your special moments and ensure a smooth running event.

Design & Décor Planning

Once visiting your selected venue, we will carefully measure your space layout and customize your venue layout based on your designed event outcome.

Honeymoon Gift Registry

We will assist in settling up your free honeymoon gift registry account and provide the link to your wedding website. This allows your guests to gift you a honeymoon and keep 100% of your gifts.

Transport Personal Items

We will store and deliver one box to be delivered to the ceremony so you do not have to worry about keeping track of them. We will ensure they are safely delivered and set up in their desired locations. *Genesis does not transport alcohol.

Coordinate & Run Rehearsal

We will schedule a rehearsal with your venue, relay detail of the rehearsal to all the party who need to be in attendance, and direct the run through. We will include handouts for all those in attendance. These handouts will include the rehearsal line up, toasting etiquette, rehearsal dinner information, and the wedding day itinerary. All attendees will be escorted through the process. By the end of the rehearsal, each person will have a full understanding of the expectations for their part in the wedding day.

Roles & Responsibilities

Participating in a wedding can be a confusing and daunting task. Traditionally, wedding party members all have very distinct roles to assist with the process and make life easier on the couple. We have compiled a wedding party packet that clearly lays out the etiquette for each bridal party member, their roles, and responsibilities as well as your expectations. These packets can also be customized to meet the unique needs for each person in the wedding party.

Wedding Day Direction

This includes direction and supervision of the vendors, services, and running the timeline. Genesis staff will make adjustments as needed. This allows the client, bridal party, family, and guests to be free to enjoy the day. Everyone will be notified 10 minutes before each scheduled event is to take place to ensure your preparation and peace of mind. It is our goal for everyone to enjoy the day with no anxiety.



Placement of Personal Items
Our assistants will place the couple’s personal items (guest book, cake knife and server, head table toasting glasses) where they wish. *Wedding Planners and assistants are not allowed to construct or assemble items not purchased through Genesis Master of Events, nor are they allowed to set up heavy equipment, tables, or chairs.

Coordinate Deliveries

We will direct all deliveries to the desired location and make recommendations for adjustments.

Secure Gifts & Cards

One attendant will be assigned to secure your gift table and cards to ensure their safety. All gifts will be relocated into a predetermined location to ensure their safety.

“Fine-Tune” all Details of the Event

From flowers to linens, our detail-oriented staff will ensure every detail is finely tuned to perfection.

Collect & Secure Wedding Keepsakes

Our planners will ensure your cake knife, guest book, champagne glasses,  etcetera

Secure all Guests’ Belongings

During our search and recovery portion of the evening, we cover all areas of the venue and collect any items left behind to store and secure in our office for pick-up at a later date.

On-Site until Event’s End

We are the last to leave your event to ensure nothing has been forgotten. We offer this service for your peace of mind as well as your protection.



Invitation Addressing
Your guests will send their RSVP’s directly to us and we will track your RSVP and menu choices. We will communicate the menu count to the caterers and contact non-responses for accuracy in guest count.

RSVP Management
Your guests will send their RSVP’s directly to us and we will track your RSVP and menu choices. We will communicate the menu count to the caterers and contact non-responses for accuracy in guest count.

Wedding Website Development
Our Graphics Design Specialist will create your custom wedding website with photos, engagement stories, along with all your wedding details.

Custom Monogram Design
We will create a custom monogram based on your wedding styles and design preferences o use on any of your wedding stationary and décor.

Stationary Design
Our Graphics Design Specialist will create a print-ready proof to take to your favorite printer. Stationary design includes Save-the-Dates, Invitations, Menu, Place Cards and Thank You cards. Printing is additional.

Midnight Snack

After a long night of partying, no need to swing through the drive-thru. We have packed a midnight snack to enjoy when you return to your room!

Rental Return Coordination

Our staff will coordinate with your rental companies to ensure all rentals will be returned as agreed upon, to ensure the return of your deposits.

Personal Item Storage

The last thing on a couples’ mind at the wedding is whether or not they packed up their wine glasses and guest book. We are happy to carefully clean and wrap, transport, and store your keepsakes safely until you are able to pick them up.

Coffee/Tea Meeting

As we reminisce over coffee or tea, we will enjoy looking at the beautiful photos together of the wonderful event we were able to help you create


Custom Weekend Itinerary

We are happy to create a customized weekend itinerary for your guests to enjoy all the local attractions, including tours, meals, and reservations.

Rehearsal Dinner Planning

No need to worry about last minute details surrounded by party planning for the rehearsal dinner. Our Master Planner will assist in preparing for your Rehearsal Dinner. This will include theming, securing venue, and menu preparation.

Bridal Party Assistance

Once we received your Bridal Party’s contact information, we will contact each of them and introduce ourselves and let them know we are happy to assist them with etiquette, advice, and suggestions throughout the process. We are happy to provide them with Rehearsal information              


Dress Shopping

Our Master Planner will assist you in picking out the perfect dress for you wedding at local wedding boutiques.

Wedding Day Itinerary

After the rehearsal, everyone will receive a handout of their roles and responsibilities as well as an itinerary of the wedding day. They will be given our contact information and our availability for additional questions.

Hotel Accommodation Management

For your out of town guest, we will gather information on local hotels, restaurants, and places for entertainment.

Magazine Submission

We will develop a blog post from your Love Story and interviews using photos from your wedding day. We will create and post a customized blog post and submit your wedding photos and diary to major wedding magazines and blogs for publication.


Meetings at Clients Private Locations

For those clients with special needs and those requiring the signing privacy clauses we offer the option of in home or on-site meetings. In these cases, our Master Planner is accompanied by a staff member.

Guest Concierge

For your out of town guest, we will gather information on local hotels, restaurants, and local entertainment points of interest. We are also happy to create an informational packet you may have printed and mail to your guests. We will be happy to a local contact as a personal guest concierge for your guests.

Day of the Wedding Assistant

You will receive one, full-time assistant to see to your needs and run light errands.
*No Genesis employee is allowed into the private residence of any client or associate of the client without prior written consent of Genesis Master of Events and the owner of the residence.

White Glove Private Cake & Dessert Tasting

Who can resist the excitement of your first dessert sampling? What can push it over the top? How about when it is served with gourmet coffees and sparkling cider? Our private dessert sampling will serve up to 6 people. This tasting will include a collection of desserts and cakes.



Bridal Suite Romance Package
After an amazing day, come back to your wedding night to the site of candles, flowers, champagne, and a breakfast basket.



Gift Management
Going on your honeymoon right away? You will need to get your gifts opened and your Thank You’s written and sent off! We will carefully open your gifts, write your Thank You’s, and get them mailed off right away!




Hotel Block
For your out of town guest, we will gather information on local hotels, restaurants, and places for entertainment.




Rehearsal Dinner Management
No need to worry about last minute details surrounded by party planning for the rehearsal dinner. Our Master Planner will assist in preparing for your Rehearsal Dinner. This will include theming, securing venue, menu preparation, and event management.




Paparazzi Shopping Trip
This day begins with a professional hair and makeup session; because you just cant get the full effect any other way. We then set up to 8 guests. Then be whisked away on a champagne limo ride to the first local wedding shopping trip! The day will include your personal Photographer and a Personal Assistant.
Bridal Shower Theming, Design & Event Management
Everyone wants to have the perfect shower. Rest assured, this will happen when our Master Planner assists with all the planning. Our planner will first sit with the client and choose acceptable theming, budgets, and locations. Then she will schedule a meeting with the Bridal Party and pull the team together to create the perfect, well organized, dream shower!


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