About Victoria

Victoria has devoted a lifetime to creating moments to cherish.  She is distinguished in the press and adored by her clients. She has an astounding record of award-winning events, ranking her among the highest in the nation and earning her the title Master Planner.  Victoria has over 3 decades and thousands of events behind her which is why she is noted to be the best in the business.


She is the developer of Wedding State University, The Bridal Boss, and The Wise Bride Guide. She is recognized as a leader in the industry and holds the title, "The Queen of Weddings".

"Every event is so unique.  It is important to not only understand what the client envisions but to truly understand all the history, personal dynamics and desired outcomes.  This helps me to understand the type of moral support the client needs during the planning. Then I spend time asking the right questions so I can get into the mind of the attendees. This allows me the ability to create the perfect atmosphere for them.  I love hearing our clients tell me months and even years later, they still hear people tell them our was the best event they have ever attended.  It is important to know how to translate the ideas into the actual flow of the function to create a smooth-running event timeline that allows the guests' experience to be unbelievably unforgettable. It is vitally important to remember, it isn't "just one day", it is a lifetime of memories and that is just too important to leave to chance!”                                                                                                                                                              ~Victoria Lewis



What Makes The Genesis Team?

Even though we have produced thousands of successfully executed award-winning events we approach every event as a 1st time one of a kind event. Each and every staff member connects emotionally with our clients and their vision of the event they want to create. Our goal to instill a peaceful and calming effect when our clients experience stress from common issues that arise going through their planning. 

We are a Biblically-based company that holds our team members and partners to the highest ethical standards. We promise honesty and transparency with our clients. We have a strict code of ethics with little room for error. We are blessed to share our team with the community as we only train and hire those who are committed to being the very best in the Industry.

Service Providers

During our planning process, our clients are free to choose their own venues and vendors.


For those who want to have the perfect match with the budget, quality, personality, and service, we offer our exclusive matching program.  This is where we fit one of our preferred service providers with the right client. Our Preferred Venues and vendors offer our clients exclusive pricing that allows our average client thousands of dollars in savings and upgrades.

Our preferred Venues and Vendors are held to the highest of ethical standards.  In our professional opinion, they are the best in the business and provide our clients with a combination of amazing service at an affordable price.