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Q. What does a Day of Wedding Coordinator Do?

A.  As a Day of Wedding Coordinator, we coordinate the logistics of your wedding day to make sure that everything you’ve spent months on turns out exactly how you planned it.  We supervise the arrival times of your vendors, setup of your ceremony and reception sites, manage all the events according to your timeline.  

Q. Do I really need a Coordinator if my Venue already has a wedding coordinator on-site?

A. There is actually a big difference.  It is the responsibility of the on-site or Venue Coordinator to ensure all the policies of the Venue are being followed properly. Our Day of Coordinators works exclusively for you. We will assist you in finalizing details and coordinating, working as your personal consultant. We will be on-site to assist you, your bridal party, and your selected vendors.  We will place all of your personal items and ensure your timeline is followed just as you planned it. When you choose our Free Wedding Planning Package we will also assist you in finding your vendors who will provide you with exclusive discounts, assist you with your timeline development as well as an essentials meeting to answer all your etiquette questions.


Q. How often can I meet with my Coordinator?

A. Depending on the package you choose, consultations can begin anytime during the process and typically up to 14 days prior to your wedding day. We can meet on several occasions to discuss your details, create and nail down a solid timeline, communicate with vendors, and devise a solid game plan for execution on the wedding day.

Q. How do I pick a Coordinator that is right for me?

A. Experience is the #1 consideration in choosing the Coordinator that is right for you. Many people choose their Coordinator based on personality (Like they will be your new best friend) remember the reason you want to hire them in the first place.  You really want them to make a last-minute decision based on experience. So, the number of events they have experiences with should be the most important quality. Each of our Certified Day of Coordinators must complete over either 1 year or 24 events with us to be allowed to Coordinate your event.


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