each year. 


I wanted to reach out to you to make sure you are aware of our Give Back Program.  Each year we select up to 4 non-profit fundraising organizations to assist with their fundraising.  We are proud of our proven track record showing how we can assist in raising more money than your past events.  For our Give Back Program, we typically specialize in Gala style events, but we can assist in all types.


Let me explain a little about how our program works:

We understand that the purpose of a fundraiser is to raise as much money as possible while trying to reduce the cost invested in each event. As event planners, we understand the importance of a well organized, enjoyable, and beautiful event to create the success you desire. We have a passion to help make a beautiful event, increase giving, and relieve you of some common planning stresses. 


Through our partnership with Fresno State University, each year we except several students who would like to become Event Planners, but need hands-on training to increase their skills. These students need projects to work on to increase their knowledge in the event industry.  So, as we do the planning for our Give Back Program, we allow them to become heavily involved with our portion of the planning, setting up, supervision, and tear down.  By incorporating these extra hands, we are able to decrease our staffing costs at each of these events and we can then pass the savings on to you.   When you select one of our full-service planning packages, we give you a credit for that amount back to use our in-house decor, rentals, or flowers.  Which in essence will make us free to you.  We still have our professional staff making all the crucial decisions and overseeing every detail because we understand the importance of your event. 


To be totally transparent, our typically planning packages for these types of events range from $2,500.00- $6,800.00.  As you know each event requires a varied amount of services from securing location, vendors, entertainment, invitation management, and guest accommodations and more.  All of which we are happy to assist with when building your package.


We would love the opportunity to see if partnering with us would be a benefit to you, your organization, or if you are aware of an organization who may be interested, please feel free to pass on the information.  If you would like to get more information or set up a time to get together to discuss your event in detail, please feel free to call or email us.