• Victoria Lewis

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

While preparing for our 30 year Anniversary I thought I should go through some of the photos I have and see if I could find a few images that might be a good representation of my career in the wedding industry. As I combed through photo after photo it actually turned into a very emotional stroll down memory lane. Going through these photos I realized, I couldn't really choose a few photos that represented my career because each and everyone played such an integral part of my career that made a significant impact on not only on my career but also on me personally. So, I thought this could be a great time to really share what events, couples, and team members have meant to me over the years.

30 years in business! I just can't believe it. To tell you the truth saying it out loud is a little eery. Time goes by so fast and I guess in this fast-paced industry it goes by even faster than even I can believe. I guess it must be because we are continually planning events for 1-2 years in the future and always looking forward, there really isn't much time to look back to notice. As I started to prepare for our Anniversary celebration every Thursday for the next year I will publish a post about how I have been impacted by these people and what they have meant to me.

So, I thought, " It would be a blessing to my own heart to write about all the clients who have meant so much to me over the years and capture all of them in the popular trend called, Throwback Thursdays." I hope you enjoy them as much as I know I will.

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