The engagement time is truly like no other time in a couples life. It is the beginning of sharing ideas, dreams, desires and creating a celebration with memories that will last a lifetime. 
Wedding planning can be an exciting part of the engagement period.  It symbolizes a new beginning and often is the first shared representation of who two individuals are as a couple.  It is a public declaration to friends and family that "this" is who we are and we wanted to celebrate our new beginning with those who mean the most to us.

THE ART OF LUXURY Wedding Planning




This service is provided through an application process.  Signature Events are a Hallmark of  Genesis' Event Planning. We believe that the perfect wedding is a work of fine art, an exquisite collaboration, a seamless journey of preparation and imagination, resulting in an utterly unique and highly memorable occasion. We except a limited amount of these events each wedding season. 

On-line Planning 

For the couples are looking forward to the challenge of planning on their own, we offer a comprehensive online, step by step planning program through our Wedding State University.  We will help you navigate through the planning process with video coaching, quick tips, e-books, and all the forms you will need to help you plan your wedding with a pro!

(DIY Wedding Planning)

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