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How it works!
Divine Coordination & Matching

After 30+ years of wedding planning, we have developed a 16-phase planning program, designed to help couples, as well as their vendors, avoid stress, save time, and save money. We are calling this package Divine Wedding Coordination. During each phase, a phase & vendor specialist will guide them through the essentials of that phase.  

Through this program, we will also offer them Vendor and Venue Matching. Our couples are given a questionnaire to fill out where they answer specific questions that will help us narrow down their venue and vendor search. Once we have narrowed it down to their top 3 matches, we will provide them with a detailed summary of their matches explaining why we chose them. Along with their top 3 matches, they will also receive an extensive list of other venues and vendors they can look through should they want to extend their search.  


Not only are we going to be offering the Divine Coordination Package, but we will also offer an independent matching service for couples in the vendor categories of their choice. We will go through the same steps of gathering information from the clients and matching them to the vendor that is not only the best fit for them, but for the vendor as well. 

Wise Bride
Guide Vendor Directory & Badges 

Through our vendor directory, we bring our vendors straight to couples! At WBG we are not only dedicated to finding the best vendors for couples, but we are also dedicated to bringing qualified clients to our vendors. It is our mission to make the wedding planning process easier for both couples and vendors alike. We make it easy for our couples to navigate the OKC & Tulsa wedding vendor market with our digital vendor directory and coupon packet. In it, they will receive a list of qualified vendors, along with the distinction of those that are in our Business Builders Association, committed to ethical business practices, and offering discounts or upgrades. Joining our matching program is free! Click below to learn more about our program!

Builders Association

At WBG we understand the unique situation most wedding and event businesses face. In being so busy, we often do not always take the time to do the little things that we know are so important to growing our business. Our Business Builders Association was formed with the goal of providing the unique & personalized support that professionals need. The BBA is designed to offer opportunities for professionals to grow their business knowledge by providing convenient resources and offering the opportunity to network within their local community of industry professionals.

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